Collective Requirement versus Nerd Haughtiness in FLOSS


How to end up with FLOSS project ruled by nerd disdain without leaving out our core values and how to divert intersectionality from neoliberalism within FLOSS communities.


This paper is about understanding how the stereotypical hacker figure and its priviledges tend to understimate the importance of disdained jobs, leaving those jobs to the claws of capitalism.

Further topics

  • the ideologic controversy on hegemony: liberal, communist and anarchist POVs ;
  • From Foundations to VC fundings, how major FLOSS toss their ethics away for money.



  • Would “pride” be better than “haughtiness” to name the described psychological complex? @dvn

Congrats I love the idea, it would be great if this writing would be a group endeavor.

In my opinion the response to those issues funnel down to community strenght and interpersonnal network, because this is what we can use to build up some agency about market and legal issues when we have no money.

At least this is how I understand what p.s.: is trying to do at the moment.

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