Codenames for post-2.0 Discourse releases -- What after 3.2?

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I see a clear pattern of progress along a linear timeline. But after the Internet, it’s becoming hard to come up with new lines along this pattern, especially as our current civilization has become unsustainable; I can’t see much good coming from accumulating newer “communication technologies” since most of it makes more wrong than good – for example, “5G” is supposed to… wow! help you download a movie in seconds. What good can that bring, except making people think the other side of a transatlantic cable is in their pocket, and waste more energy moving bits around? Oh yes: massive realtime surveillance of everyone. No, thank you.

I really appreciated the earlier technologies in those releases as they bring interesting perspectives on what it means to be a human (especially the consistent doodles from the Stone Age was a great find). But I must say that I think we’ve hit the best we can do with the Internet, and now it’s not helping anymore to help capitalism further its obsessive accumulation into new scales: if the richest man in the world is already convinced that the earth is screwed and his job is to fix humans in space, I’m happy to organize a crowdfunding to send him to Mars (or the Sun) right away along with his fellow billionaires, and the few geoengineering “scientist” freaks who want to experiment at the scale of the planet (see Kim Robinson’s Mars novels for a preview).

I’d be more inclined to recognize the 1984 was 35 years ago, and the eponymous book was published 70 years ago. I’d go for books that changed the world for releases beyond 3.2, since we never read enough of those, especially nowadays where our attention is mostly eaten up by screens.

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