Caring for the World: a Transformative Practice

Caring is a transformative practice, and this space is dedicated to conversation and encouragement of it. By care I mean “the relationships that maintain and repair the world so that humans and non-humans can live in it as well as possible in a complex arrangement that sustains life” [1].

In line with the work done by Pirate Care, which offers a syllabus on the subject we see that care is a political concept:
It’s a global capacity of society that is the responsibility of the commons, and we put it into practice on all sides.
Not only is care a criminalized practice, as we have seen many arrests for acts of solidarity, whether towards vulnerable people or for the wider benefit of society, but above all it is a practice that takes place against the existing economic systems, despite everything.
This reality is both the particularity of the choice of care, its fragility and its transforming capacity.

In our resistance organizations, the issue of care is crucial, the care we give each other, the attention we want to give to the world in which we live, is more and more often raised.
Very often the questions of care are put in parallel or even in opposition to political mobilizations, particularly with regard to technological practices.

  1. ‘relations [that] maintain and repair a world so that humans and non-humans can live in it as well as possible in a complex life-sustaining web’ Maria Puig de La Bellacasa, 2017. ‘Matters of Care’ . University of Minnesota Press. ↩︎

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