Care Material fom Katalog Drogerie

During our first stay at Pa-F @how and I had an amazing encounter with care practices that were organised by Kadija de Paula via the kitchen.
We learned a lot about feeding organising getting involved making things happen, and care for each other.
It looks like Kadija de Paula continues to spead her amazing attention in different situations, she recently published a booklet with Chico Togni at the occasion of “NEU DROGERIES” they organised in Vienna,

"Drogerie ist Kultur! At „NEU DROGERIE“ we bring together the common knowledge of botany, chemistry, health, nutrition, drug science, pharmacology and chemistry, to help you make your own herbal medicines, fermented drinks, forged snacks, natural and reusable hygiene and sanitary products, sensible contraceptives, and a wide range of reform and farben utensilien. At
„NEU DROGERIE“ you can also order toothpaste, toothpowder, tortillera, massaroca, polenta, pipoca, and poetry on demand. "

Check the Katalog:

This is amazing material for community care and practice

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