Biohacking prequel − decentralize and liberate garage biology / Non-formal discussion

Here is a suggestion in response to CFP, from Breton Biohackerspace Kaouenn Noz.

We do not want to bind any kind of harsh proposal, We would prefer to build something with others from a discussion here in the forum.

Just some thoughts from our minds:

  • Open knowledge and open science
  • Garage & underground culture
  • Libre Insuline
  • Seeds and environmental investigation
  • Health, care, diagnostic
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Hospitality

Please, post your asking, question, comment, below and anything you want to wheel or want to see happen.

We also will come with some materials and equipment in order to practice some quick bio-tricks.


Amazing @faiza would you be interested in joining us for this OFFDEM we could imagine a part of the conversation that involves prendre soin and issues of health, care, and workers.

I know people who would appreciate “libre insulin”. Can you say more about this topic?

Hello everyone, I am new here, @XavCC told me about the OFFDEM during one of our discussion in the Kaouenn Noz Biohackerspace. I would happily participate to an event about open science/knowledge.

I don’t know much about what have been done around, but I would be glad to discuss and meet people to see what we can achieve altogether.

@how About libre insulin it’s an early topic that we started to spoke about. It’s easily inspired from the OpenInsulin project. Since they published very few information on their work, we were thinking to try to make our own open project. For now we don’t have the ambition to reach a medical grade quality product but rather a proof of concept. Showing that we can produce the molecule on our own would be a great start. For now the status of the project is a draft document with some biblographic data :wink:


We would be very glad to support the formation of a ‘biohacking syndicate’ around free (as in freedom) insulin production protocols at OFFDEM.

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