Arupãb (documentary about the Pataxó)

Sorry about the YouTube link.

But this is a really informative documentary with English subtitles. It was made by a Portuguese television crew about the same time that we made the II International Festival in Aldeia Pará, where we met them and discussed their project with them. Importantly, they filmed the West Bank-style demolition of a small Pataxó village near Santa Cruz de Cabrália, shown near the end of the film,

What an amazing documentary, thank you so much for all this information indeed it makes things real clear, the relation is complex, made of dissolutions and reconstruction possiblities and indeed a very complex relation to the occident, thatis dealt with on the evrey day life. I now understand what you mean when you say that dealing with turism is part of what pataxó people deal with and they have developed a way of building a transmission channel in within this context. It is also striking in this movie is how things are blended and the strengh of the recovery process, manifested through the public claiming of Indigenous traditions and lifechoices (I could almost say lifestyle here, but not sure it is the proper word).
The question that comes after, is the relation between this fight that engages people and kids through education and resistance movement, it is not really expressed here, maybe it still needs to be formulated, or maybe its said elsewhere and I need to look for it.

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