OFFDEM, the OFFline Developer European Meeting

October 2, 2019

An intersectional festival about collective practices & free technologies production.
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Un festival intersectionnel à propos des pratiques collectives & de la production de technologies libres.
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OFFDEM comes back in 2023! Meet us in Brussels, (first weekend of) February 4-5, 2023.

OOO₃FFDEM Ozone Call for Participation (CLOSED) - petites singularités

OFFDEM — O3 (Ozone!)


Please join #engagement:offdem group to participate and contribute and #offdem-topic to prepare ahead of the event the different topics. Active contribution is very welcomed.

Programme is out

Safety Measures

Confident with the grassroots experience dealing with health issues and safety, OFFDEM will support safe spaces for an enjoyable gathering. With time grassroots organizations have developed the capacity of self-organizing health and safety measures, for example when facing different risks associated to HIV contamination or drug abuse, by organizing within the most concerned groups.

Graffiti of Atchoum! COVID-19 in Brussels, 2020

Mandatory Registration

Given the context of “global pandemy” and the accompanying safetyrepressive security measures taken by States everywhere, we need to know in advance who’sif you’re coming so we can track the event capacity and avoid having to deal with too much affluence.

Mandatory registration is also useful to prepare yourself to the event—see Hygiene and Health section below. As a first step we encourage you to join the @offdem.supporters group so you can keep in touch with the organization. As at OFFDEM, everyone is a user, team members will get priority in case we must select attendees. Your active participation will be taken into account towards figuring out the attendees list in case of overflow.

Hygiene and Health

If you intend to come we count on your responsibility to minimize the risks for yourself and others. We recommend taking extra care of your and your close ones’ health prior to the gathering, and when you return. There’s no total risk avoidance, but using your brains and practicing good hygiene should be enough to prevent further contamination.