OFFDEM — Call for Participation

December 18, 2021


Call for Participation

2022 March 5-6, in Brussels

Les petites singularités call for participation at the third edition of OFFDEM—the OFFLINE Developer European Meeting—that will take place in person, in Brussels, on the first week-end of March 2022.

This year’s edition will be focusing on minimalist technologies for collective use (decentralised and P2P, offline-first group collaboration, post-DNS Internet, unikernel fabrication and provisioning, lightweight protocols and low-resource computing, ethical technology production, etc.)

We are calling, in this time of crisis, to address feminist and decolonial technologies, to work together at the edge of existing systems.

In the spirit of the syndicalist practices we will address issues of organisation and the Commons, and host resistance media workshops.

10 years after the P2P meeting in Berlin, OFFDEM invites technologists to a peer-to-peer technology assembly addressing commonalities and shared issues, cultivating differences and exploring ways to cross pathes.

This CFP is out on December 20th, 2021, and we expect interested parties to confirm their presence by February 12th, 2022. We’ll start announcing participants by February 12th, and produce a tentative programme by the 21st of February.

Please send your proposals, as soon as you can, in free format, for presentations, workshops, round tables, and other activities by January 20th, 2022, either by email to, or by starting a topic in the category on our forum. We’ll reach out to you for modalities.

OFFDEM will happen in person in Brussels’ city center. As free software activists and free technology producers, we remember that others do not share our privilege.

This CFP:
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At OFFDEM, everyone is a user. Over Fearless Freedom Dead Empires Marvel.