Job Opening – Syster Administrator

September 20, 2021

Good morning!

P.S.: is looking for has found a part-time sysadmin working remotely with us to support and consolidate our networking infrastructure for ourselves and others.

Thank you for your inspiring applications! We're sorry not to be able to hire more of you who took interest in our offer, as well as the time to enquire and enter in a dialogue with petites singularités.

We’re looking forward to develop what’s set in this proposal. In the meantime, if you came here for interesting things to do with system administration and radical servers, you might want to have a look at the LibreHosters network or at Radical Servers - resources.

Our context

Since our inception in late 2016 we’ve been hosting our own services and grew organically to experiment with new services for like-minded radical collectives, both as part of our paid jobs mentoring and supporting free software projects, and on a voluntary basis supporting feminist and decolonial practitioners building the commons and resisting capitalism.

As we approach our fifth year, we’re willing to shuffle our infrastructure, keep what works, drop what does not, solidify our core systems and keep an experimental touch to services, to ensure an ongoing articulation between technique and social movements. Our goal is to rationalize our costs and effort, focus our systems, ensure perenniality of our hosted services.

We’re using GNU/Linux systems exclusively, running Docker and non-Docker free software services.

Our services

Such as Discourse, ejabberd, HedgeDoc, Keycloak, Mumble, NextCloud, Postfix, Synapse, Wireguard, and ActivityPub services (Funkwhale, Lemmy, Mastodon, Peertube, PixelFed, Prismo, WriteFreely…), etc.

We’re willing to focus on Git-based infrastructure as code (e.g., Rhyzome,, self-host our DNS and (internal) email services, have strong backup and monitoring policies, an easy-to-deploy infrastructure for third parties, and separate infra for internal and hosted services. Although we have a pretty good idea of the software stack we want to use to achieve this, we’re open to suggestions – if they match, all the better!

We maintain both production-grade and experimental systems. In order to migrate to a new infrastructure we’ll be setting up a safe environment for researching, building, failing, and crafting solid solutions for ourselves and others, in a joyful spirit of hacking. We want a solid, minimalist infrastructure and we want others to be able to use it or reproduce it. We’ll be working both internally and with the radical servers and free software communities to achieve results we can be proud of and that will be useful to the resistance. You won’t be left alone and will be listened to. [1]


We’re looking for a person who will feel at home with us. This person is a decolonial feminist free software activist. She’s willing to learn and teach and explore, with a genuine interest in failing a lot and building reliable stuff that works for herself and others. She’s lazy enough to script her way around and automate repetitive work. She’s paranoid with data, not people. She likes spending time outside with people with different backgrounds and won’t frown at sharing a good beer and cooking together when we meet. She likes to venture in unknown parts of the system and make herself at home through ssh and tmux sessions. She knows what “collective” means and cares for herself and others. She’s fun to work with and full of surprises. She’s willing to make things work for herself and the collective, not just get things done and disappear.

The job

We’re looking for a person who will support this migration, working closely with our main sysadmin, to create, maintain, and document the system.

The job is part-time (about 2 days a week) and remote. We would appreciate that our sysadmin be present at some of our events (e.g., OFFDEM, THX).

We’re working towards a unique salary policy within the association, where all employees earn an equal hourly pay of about 18.75€, regardless of their role, gender, or origin.

We imagine the interested person would also be interested in petites singularités themselves, here is our internal kitchen workflow: Welcome/Bienvenue to/aux petites singularités - #2 by natacha


If you’re interested, please send an (encrypted[2]) email to jobs@zoethical–dot–org telling us what you want to bring, and what you want to get in return. We’ll be in touch!

  1. grazie ignifugo ↩︎

  2. An OpenPGP key is available if you prefer sending encrypted email. ↩︎