Artificial Spirituality (This is a wiki) Do It Yourself Brussels La vía campesina This conference receives the English newsletter of La vía campesina. Festival des ouvertures utiles La quatorzième édition du festival des ouvertures utiles, le rendez-vous inter-squat de Paris marquera les 10 ans de cette rencontre. Elantipauvre En urgence, le Collectif Stop Loi ELAN a lancé un appel à action le 1er septembre. Pour prolonger et faire caisse de résonance, une première période quinzaine de jours septembre, est ouverte pour faire éclore à travers le pays des actions à images. L'épicerie sans fin AmbaZADa Suite à la victoire éclatante du mouvement contre le projet d’aéroport à Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, les collectifs présents sur la ZAD ont établi l’AmbaZADa qui offre une infrastructure d’accueil d’événements pour réfléchir et partager les expériences de lutte. THSF l’édition 2018 se penchera sur le principe même de communication, du et des langage(s) et de leur appropriation pour la création de communs. documentaire d'animation Baobáxia Baobáxia is a free software developed by a network of local traditional communities, called Mocambos Network, mainly based in Brazil. Carto Club Critical Cartography Brussels, aka Carto Club, is the forum space and mailinglist of an informal group of persons interested in opening the way and the aesthetic of mapping. TCNXMNSM In a state of permanent warfare and fierce disputes over visions of the future, technoshamanism emerges as a resistance and as an endeavour to influence contemporary thinking, technological production, scientific questions, and everyday practices. This is how the Brazilian Ph.D. in clinical psychology, researcher and essayist Fabiane M. Borges presents this international network of collaboration which unites academics, activists, indigenous people and many more people who are interested in a search for ideas and practices which go beyond the instrumental logic of capital. In this interview with Em Rede, she elaborates her reflections on technoshamanism as platform for producing knowledge and indicates some of the experiences that were made in this context. Performance Art Forum
Topic Replies Activity
Welcome Zoethicist 3 September 11, 2017
Arupãb (documentary about the Pataxó) 2 May 27, 2019
Seminal thoughts for a possible technoshamanism 1 May 23, 2019
Mutirão Pataxó - Collective building Call /South Of Bahia, Pataxó domain 5 May 23, 2019
Mutirão Pataxó - Banner 10 May 23, 2019
Inspirations references 1 May 21, 2019
Incantations, Tales, Spells and Remedies for Database Anxieties 1 May 20, 2019
AfroTranscendence TC Silva 1 May 12, 2019
Diffracting + Decentralisation: exploring collective asymmetry 1 May 5, 2019
Ethics of Coding : The Algorithmic Condition 1 May 6, 2019
[Info EN] April 17th, 2019 – “The Declaration on Peasants’ Rights should become a political tool for Agrarian Reform and Social Justice” 1 April 17, 2019
Computing in/from the south call for papers 35 March 14, 2019
Manifeste Spectral 2 February 26, 2019
NGI0 Discovery Funding 4 February 15, 2019
Django Upgrade Path Towards 2.0 9 January 17, 2019
To all our friends in Brazil 3 January 16, 2019
Artificial Intelligence NOW 2018 Report 1 December 13, 2018
Baobaxia 1 November 1, 2018
Git Large File Storage 3 October 30, 2018
Doctorat Sauvage en numérique 1 October 30, 2018
Catalyst journal for feminist studies 3 October 23, 2018
Technoshamanism in Barcelona, talk + ritual 2 September 28, 2018
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3 September 8, 2018
Technoshamanism meeting in Axat/Rencontre de technoshamanisme à Axat 1 August 28, 2018
L'Épicerie Sans Fin a son propre Discourse! 2 October 10, 2018
Lieu d’échange et de partage 2 August 15, 2018
THK - August 2018 4 October 14, 2018
Entraide et Solidarité 1 July 28, 2018
Garde Manger 1 July 28, 2018
Trans-HackerSpaces Francophones 1 June 23, 2018

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